A planning application for a 30-storey skyscraper on Digbeth High Street was submitted to Birmingham City Council in September 2019.

Do you want this skyscraper towering over Digbeth? Have your say before it's too late!

928 flats planned and ZERO affordable housing

Only 70 car parking spaces

Design does not fit the character of Digbeth

Flouts policy framework + guidelines

Will cast year round shadows over Digbeth Conservation Area

Inadequate consultation + noise reports pose a huge threat to local music venues

The vast scale of Stone Yard will, by comparison, dwarf and diminish the Digbeth Conservation Area. Stone Yard will cast year-round shadows over the many listed buildings in the Digbeth Conservation Area... some of which have been missed out of the Planning Documents completely. Stone Yard, awkwardly does not follow the line of the High Street, making it less pedestrian-friendly. The development of Stone Yard will also exponentially increase the pressure on public services.


Luxury apartments
on Digbeth High Street


Affordable housing
because it's 'not viable'


Car parking spaces
to accommodate everyone


Storey skyscraper
overshadowing Digbeth


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In September 2019 a planning proposal was submitted for the former Bullring Trading Estate, now titled Stone Yard. The plans put forward by city developers Court Collaboration, include a 30 storey tower with a dark-clad exterior. The sheer scale of the proposed tower is unsympathetic to the character of Digbeth and will cast year-round shadows over the Digbeth Conservation Area. Birmingham’s Big City Plan identifies the stone yard site as being within a ‘Zone of restricted height limit’, therefore, a skyscraper of this magnitude is unsuitable in this area. The tower will include 928 apartments, none of which will be made affordable. Parking is already a recognised issue within Digbeth and due to the lack of private parking provided within the Stone Yard development, it could be intensified. The high volume of residential units within the development poses a significant threat to Digbeth’s night-time economy and nearby local music venues. Overall, the tower is unsympathetic to the heritage and identity of Digbeth and should be stopped at all costs.

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1When will a decision be made?
The planning decision deadline date has been extended. We have been told by the Birmingham City Council Planning team that it is likely a Committee Meeting with the public will take place in March 2020, however we are awaiting confirmation.
2Do the plans really include a 30-storey skyscraper?
Unfortunately, yes. The planning application (Application: 2019/07805/PA) submitted to the Birmingham City Council Planning Department by Court Collaboration in September 2019 include a 30-storey sky scraper.
3How can we stop this from happening?
The more people that get behind this campaign, the better! Please contact the councillor for Ladywood via email, share and sign the petition, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and contact the planning department directly with your objections.
4I own a local business and wasn't told about this development!
Unfortunately the consultation with locals appeared to be quite minimal. Which is why it is so important for us to share, share, share this campaign and get our voices heard before it's too late!
5Who is running the Digbeth Deserves Better campaign?
The Digbeth Deserves Better Campaign is run by a group of local Digbeth businesses and residents. If you've signed the petition, you're one of us!
6What will happen if this development goes ahead?
The world won't end. But the Digbeth we know and love will look a lot shinier than it did before. :(
7Digbeth has too much character to let a shiny skyscraper overshadow it!
Please tell that to everyone you know! And share the petition. ;-)
8I've signed the petition! How do I keep in the loop with updates?
Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all of the latest news and updates from the campaign.


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